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Business Service ATA Recommendations

We don't surrently offer phone service over our GPON system, but are looking into the feasability. We have E7-20's and 725GE ONTs - those have two POTS ports.


We are looking for a device for business customers that need more than two POTS ports, or a PRI handoff ( or more than one PRI ).


We won't have our own softswitch, we plan on using a cloud provider.


I have a recommendation for the Adtran 900 series devices.

I have also researched the Innomedia 6328 and ESBC 9380-4B.


I don't know how many of these devices we may need to deploy, but somewhere over 8 some type of management system may be nice. Both Adtran and Innomedia have a solution for that.


Any comments about these devices, or suggestions for other devices would be welcome.

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Re: Business Service ATA Recommendations

I've read lots of positive comments about the ADTRAN 900 on the voiceops listserv, thouugh we don't use them ourselves.


We typically use a larger ONT with more POTs lines, PRI, or SIP trunks over Ethernet.

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Re: Business Service ATA Recommendations

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We've been using the Adtran TA900's for over 5 years now with 75 - 100 in the field.  They work good for our application.  Generally we use them to drop up to 24 POTS lines as well as talk SIP back to our softswitch and turn that into a PRI for the customers phone system.


As far as management system, we have snmp-trap monitoring as well as basic connectivity testing from our NMS and just use the web / CLI interface to remotely manage them.  For our applications it's pretty much a set it and forget it type thing.