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Checking in with Co-Mo Connect

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎08-31-2015 05:30 AM

In 2010, Co-Mo Electric Cooperative expanded from delivering electrical services to begin a 100-mile, fiber-to-the-home pilot project to reach 1400 homes around Tipton, Missouri. With the strong success of the pilot, two years later Co-Mo decided to build out its fiber network to reach all 4000 miles of its electrical serving area, which would target more than 30,000 cooperative members.


We first visited Co-Mo just after the cooperative decided to move from pilot to complete build out in 2012. Recently, we went back to Missouri to see how Co-Mo, now dubbed Co-Mo Connect for its broadband services, has progressed in the last three years.


Take a look at this updated Calix success story video as Co-Mo Connect general manager Randy Klindt shares the transformation story of Co-Mo Connect from pilot program to gigabit services with Calix GigaCenters.



To hear more of the Co-Mo Connect story, join us at the Calix User Group Conference as Randy takes the stage in Las Vegas as part of the Where Are They Now presentation on Tuesday morning.

by edward tukiendorf
on ‎10-10-2015 09:06 AM

Nice to hear a municipal project on this scale for it's actual improvement of service offered. And not all the nightmare stoies of litigation accusing both provider and customer of less than expected results. Loss of millions in municipal funds. Accusations of nismanagement. Which aleays seems to end with the local taxpayers footing the bill.

Good stoy. I would like to see other larger companies who have ventured into these partnerships, with other towns and power companies. Be able to report how well the project turned out. Instead of hearing how long the case would be in litigation. And why no one was ever found to be liable. for, cost over runs and diminished results.