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New Calix Cloud and Premises Marketing Leader Looks Ahead to the IoT Future: Q&A with Pam Ferguson

by Calix Employee Thursday


Last month, Pam Ferguson joined the Calix marketing team as area vice president for premises and cloud solutions. With an extensive background in software and IoT, from both a vendor and service provider perspective (including some of the largest operators in Canada), Pam will bring her wealth of expertise to driving our mission of finding the best way to connect the device-enabled subscriber and the cloud-enhanced Internet of Everything.


I recently spoke to Pam to get her views on the market and some insight on her future at Calix.


Matt: Welcome to Calix, Pam! Tell me a little about yourself and your background prior to joining us.


Pam: My journey to Calix has been an interesting one. I graduated in the middle of the boom in Vancouver and had the pleasure of working for a variety of software companies through the ‘90s. Then as mobile applications started to appear on the scene, I led business development and marketing for a dispatch application (Quite frankly – well before the mobile devices and networks were really ready for it.) From there, I consulted for a few years in Europe before returning to Canada to join Rogers and then TELUS where I built their respective IoT practices focused on product management and product marketing – followed by the solution sales teams from the ground up. The overarching theme of my career has been building new revenue streams and the supporting teams.


Matt: What drew you to Calix and what role will you now be playing as part of the Calix team?


Pam: Calix was intriguing to me for three reasons:

  • Service providers all want to participate in IoT, but they are stumbling around HOW to participate… and I think Calix can truly help them figure that out.
  • Focusing on a portfolio of fantastic solutions again (instead of building the story for third-party solutions that we as service providers took to market)
  • EVERYONE I met with during the hiring process at Calix was collaborative, quick to grab a marker and draw pictures – exactly the culture I love to work within.


Matt: What are you most looking forward to in your new role?


Pam: I’m looking forward to so many things, but cracking the code on empowering service providers to better understand what their subscribers are doing to drive better subscriber experiences definitely tops the list. Service providers are inundated with suppliers constantly ‘selling their wares’ and too often ‘their wares’ look & feel much like the 10 companies that paraded through before them. Calix already offers so many amazing products across access, premises, and cloud solutions… And the roadmap is very exciting and very much on point. I’m looking forward to participating in that innovation and helping our customers everywhere understand the potential.


Matt: Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know


Belize treehouse.jpgPam: While I should probably tell you that I have two kids (A nine-year-old son, Russell and a 12-year-old daughter, Mason) and a great husband, Steve… I’d rather share that I think I win the prize for having some of best office spaces in my past lives. My first ‘real office’ was in a treehouse in Belize where I worked over two summers during university… and then another favorite was my third-floor office overlooking the Keizersgracht (the Emperor’s canal) in Amsterdam. I’ve been blessed with doing some pretty fulfilling work in some amazing places around the world. Now look forward to adding my Vancouver home office to that list with Calix.


We are thrilled to have Pam on the team. For all of you coming to Calix ConneXions, be sure to seek Pam out to discuss all things premises, cloud, and IoT related. Welcome to Calix, Pam!