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Consumer Connect Plus - Workflow/Time Scheduler



Can I get some clarification on how the time scheduler works in the workflow?  Specifically, if I am creating a workflow to upgrade 1000 844's, and I schedule a window of 60 minutes: Will it attempt to do enough at once to fit them all inside the 60 minute window, or work at it's normal pace for 60 minutes and get done what it can (then presumably continue the next night)?


Can't seem to find this in any documentation, and I've never scheduled this many at a time.



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Re: Consumer Connect Plus - Workflow/Time Scheduler



Hopefully one of the moderators can correct me if I'm wrong. Let's take your scenario of (1000) 844's being upgraded via a workflow. If you set the window to 60 minutes, it will attempt to do all the 844's selected (via device group) at once. If the work flow completes within the 60 minute window, it will re-attempt the upgrade process on any failed device.


That has been my experience upgrading 844Es. Hopefully some can back this up or disprove it with accurate information.

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Re: Consumer Connect Plus - Workflow/Time Scheduler

@Izzy_G that's a good explanation. Here's what we have in documentation concerning the timed window:

Time Scheduler: Specifies that the workflow is recurring and is executed daily according to the Start Time and Time Window Length you specify. The time you specify is in your timezone and derived from your browser. For software upgrades, this trigger method enables you to specify a time (such as a maintenance window) to upgrade discovered devices that match the Device Group criteria.

For your specific situation of 1000 844s in 60 mins you would consider the following. CC+ starts downloads in waves so that all 1000 aren't trying to pull the file at the same time. It would go through as many as possible during the 60 mins and if it completed them all it would go and retry on any that had a timeout. If there was still unfinished business by the end of the window it would go again the next day at the same time.