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Flow Analyze Plus Rest API

I saw a couple days ago that the Flow Analyze API is available and that it is pretty dead simple to use, which I like. I am assuming that the API is still in its infant stages, since the guide is very short.



In a couple hours, I had data pulling and tying into our OSS, which is awesome, but would be hard to use. When querying an endpoint, the auto generated names in CC are really long and detailed, and as of right now, I see no way to query and fully automate this solution. In our situation, our OSS manages all of our customer records, so we always query CC+ with a serial number, and get the device details. I see no way to join to a subscriber record, or flow endpoint through the NBI.


I have poured over the documentation and see no solution for our situation, nor any way for someone wishing to utilize the Flow Analyze API, to effectively query endpoints, unless they query the ONT from CMS, and parse together all of the data in the same format, which would be really tedious and possibly prone to a lot of inaccurate endpoint requests.  


I don't know how many Calix employees look at these boards, or if anyone else has used their API yet. The ability to pull netflow data from customers on the fly in our OSS is something our company has wanted for over a year, and it is now possible, but also impossible at the same time. At this point, I am open to any possible solution or information :)