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NetValet Mobile App: Customize and Brand It Using the Style Editor

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Did you know you can leverage the Calix NetValet subscriber mobile app to give your subscribers unprecedented control for managing the GigaCenter Wi-Fi experience in their homes from their smart phone? 


And now you can customize the appearance of the NetValet app for your unique service provider brand, right from within the Compass Command Center.


The NetValet Style Editor in Command Center allows Marketing folks in your organization to customize the NetValet app to match your organization's style by modifying the color palette and adding an image for the company logo.


After you've set up the branding role in NetValet, you can take advantage of settings that allow you to customize the Home Page, Details Page, and menus by choosing primary, secondary, and font colors. Then add your company's logo for a truly specialized look and feel!


Check out these helpful links below to get started using the NetValet app and the NetValet Style Editor tool: