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Oversubscribe UNI ports, PIR vs CIR

Is there a means of configuring an E5-30x to limit the Peak Information Rate (PIR) per service rather than Committed Information Rate (CIR)?  We'd like to apply peak rate limiting per EVC and oversubscribe the UNI port.  


Specific case: cell carriers typically run one or more active/standby pairs of EVCs at each tower site with each pair having the same rate limit (i.e. 100 Mbps) but only one active at a time. When multiple pairs are added to a port (say 6 pairs of 100 Mbps EVCs), the port will be oversubscribed (1.2Gbps) though the actual usage will be half (600 Mbps).


With the current rate limiting methods we're using (metering), there appears to only be a CIR plus bursting and when we attempt to add additional rate limited services to the UNI port, the configuration is rejected by the E5.

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Re: Oversubscribe UNI ports, PIR vs CIR

You'll need to use EIR/EBS for the PIR settings. What you normally see as PIR/CIR in an E7 and other equipment is equated to EIR/CIR in the E5 per MEF syntax. You can read up on it here in documentation:

If you're still having problems after applying EIR to your bandwidth profile, attach some additional details here so we can understand where the hang-up is.