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GigaFamily Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a supported feature in the GigaFamily software. WPS can be used by home owners to facilitate an easy method of associating various Wi-Fi clients to the GigaFamily and installers can use “Video WPS” to quickly associate Wi-Fi STBs without the complexity of knowing lengthy Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs). However, as noted by CERT and other organizations that track vulnerabilities, WPS also has its shortcomings. Thus, in R12.2.4 for the GigaFamily, Calix has added an option to turn off WPS for customers that wish to.


How can home owners turn off WPS on the 2.4 and 5 GHz primary SSIDs?


For home owners that are concerned about having WPS enabled, an option to disable WPS on the 2.4 and 5 GHz primary SSIDs has been added to the Embedded Web Interface (EWI).



As a service provider, I want to be able to turn off WPS on any SSID. How do I accomplish this?


In the latest release Consumer CONNECT Plus (CC+) we added a new profile that allows for values to be changed based on their TR-098 string. This profile is called "Set Parameter Value". Using this profile we are now able to disable WPS on the 2.4GHz Primary SSID, the 5GHz Primary SSID, the 5GHz IPTV SSID, or any combination.


To create these profiles, you'll first login to and go to CC+ > NetOps > Profiles. At this point, you'll create a new profile, give it a name, and then select the Category of "Set Parameter Value".




DISABLE:  To disable WPS on the 2.4GHz Primary SSID use the following:


For Copy/Paste: 






DISABLE: To disable WPS on the 5GHz Primary SSID use the following:

4_wps.png For Copy/Paste: 




DISABLE: To disable WPS on the 5GHz IPTV SSID use the following:

5_wps.pngFor Copy/Paste:



 If you're interested in enabling WPS for any of these radios you can simply change the Value field from 0 to 1 for any of these profiles.


Note: If disabling WPS on the 5GHz IPTV SSID you will need to enable WPS for that SSID if you use WPS for associating your Wi-Fi STBs to the 5GHz radio.


SSID to Instance Relationship:  While these values can be found on the Software Center (SWC) by downloading the data model files associated with each Gigafamily release, the following is offered for convenience to assist in determine the right value to use when building the configuration profiles to manage the WPS setting.




2.4 GHz Primary


2.4 GHz Guest


2.4 GHz Operator (Not supported)

3 - 8

5 GHz Primary


5 GHz Guest




5 GHz Operator (Not Supported)

12 - 16