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IPv6 Management Update

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Historically, management support between GigaFamily devices and Calix Cloud/CC+ was IPv4 based. As of the June release of Consumer CONNECT Plus and GigaFamily R12.2, IPv6 support for TR-069 communication is now available. The following FAQ may help you understand what is new with IPv6 from a solution perspective as well as addressing a few additional features that are on the horizon.


In GigaFamily devices, the default ACS URL has always been and whenever this domain name is queried by a GigaFamily device, DNS servers respond with an A record (domain name to IPv4 address mapping). With ONT Release 12.2, this default has been changed to


So, what’s the difference? As Calix moves forward with IPv6 support for TR-069 communication, will support the return of the aforementioned A record and additionally an AAAA record (domain name to IPv6 address mapping). Note that the previous default ( will never return a AAAA record when queried. Thus, when migrating to IPv6 for TR-069 communication with Consumer Connect Plus, the ACS URL will need to be The organization specific URL that supports IPv6 communication can be found in the Administration area of Consumer CONNECT Plus.




Note: The per-Organization suffix is not shown in the above ACS URLs.


When I upgrade my GigaFamily devices to R12.2 will anything change? No, the ACS URL used by the GigaFamily device will not automatically change from to However, as noted, this domain will only support IPv4 for TR-069 communication with Consumer Connect Plus.


After upgrading to R12.2 and a “Restore Default” is performed, what changes can be expected? A change in behavior will not be observed since the default ACS URL is part of SmartActivate and is not reset as a result of the “Restore Default.” If using Option-43 sub-option 1 or 5, RG Management Profile in the E7, etc., the GigaFamily device continues to use the same URL that is provided today through these methods. Only a full “Factory Reset” will result in the upgraded device changing the default ACS URLs to the following:

When executing the “Factory Reset” option in conjunction with Option-43 or an RG Management Profile, the GigaFamily device continues to use the same URL that is provided today through these methods.


I logged into the web interface of my GigaCenter, changed the ACS URL to and I lost some custom settings after being discovered in Consumer Connect Plus. What happened? Whenever the ACS URL changes, the GigaCenter by default will send an INFORM to Consumer Connect Plus with 0 BOOTSTRAP. If on-discovery workflows are present, various RG configuration changes in the on-discovery workflow are applied resulting in overwriting any changes that were conducted via the EWI after installation. For example, if the primary 2.4 GHz SSID name is changed to a custom value after initial installation via the EWI, but a configuration profile exists in the on-discovery workflow (designed to change the primary 2.4 GHz SSID name), the custom value that was provisioned via the EWI will be overwritten.


Note: Per-device Wi-Fi SSID configurations, if any, will also be applied. Per-device Wi-Fi SSID configurations do not require any on-discovery workflows.


With GigaFamily, what are the supported IPv6 TR-069 managed solutions?

A GigaFamily device running R12.2 can reliably use IPv6 for TR-069 communication if…

  1. the device has IPv4 connectivity to Consumer Connect Plus or
  2. the device does not have IP4 connectivity to Consumer Connect Plus, but can be provisioned with a golden configuration file that enables IPv6 for TR-069 communication either out-of-the-box or after a Factory Reset.

The only GigaFamily devices that can satisfy the first condition are 844E (RG), 844F (RG), and 844GE (AE Mode RG). The only devices that can satisfy the second condition are E7-subtended GPON GigaFamily ONTs that are configured in external management mode and get an appropriately configured golden configuration file from the E7.

If IPv4 connectivity to CC+ can be established, then CC+ can…

  • Enable the IPv6 service through the use of a configuration profile / workflow / subscriber provisioning. When native IPv6 (IPv6 only or Dual-Stack) is used, the GigaFamily device can employ DHCPv6 (statelessly or statefully) on its WAN interface. In this case, DHCPv6 server with Option-17 sub-options 1 or 5 to convey the ACS URL, the GigaFamily device utilizes IPv6 for TR-069 management.

Automating the initial turn-up or automated recovery from a Restore Default/Factory Reset with IPv6 enabled for TR-069 communication will be available in an upcoming release. This eliminates the need for a configuration file on all GigaFamily devices since the device can be turned up via IPv6 without operator assistance.


I’ve upgraded to R12.2 and I’m currently deploying IPv6 and want TR-069 communication to use IPv6 rather than IPv4 on new installs. How do I do this? In R12.2, there are several ways to accomplish this.

  • From a manual perspective, there is a new provisionable attribute that can be observed on the Support >> TR-069 page (see below). When manually changing the IP Version parameter, the TR-069 client uses IPv6 rather than IPv4.

  • Based on the aforementioned requirement of having IPv4 access to Consumer Connect Plus, operators can utilize a more automated approach in dual-stack scenarios. GigaFamily devices support DHCPv6 Option-17 sub-options 1 and 5 to convey the main and supplemental ACS URLs respectively. When supplying information for Option-17, the IP version used by the TR-069 client on the GigaFamily device automatically changes to IPv6.
  • Based on the requirement above, a golden configuration file can be used where the TR-069 IP version is specified.

Note: If both DHCPv4 option-43 and DHCPv6 option-17 are provided simultaneously, the GigaFamily device will utilize the ACS URL provided via option-17 and IP version used by the TR-069 client on the GigaFamily device automatically changes to IPv6.


I have existing GigaFamily devices that have been upgraded to 12.2, have deployed IPv6 and want to migrate them to use IPv6 for TR-069 communication. How do I do this? As previously noted, only supports IPv4 which means that an ACS URL change will be required ( in order to support IPv6. Thus, this would cause the GigaCenter to send an INFORM with the 0 BOOTSTRAP value and walk through all active on-discovery workflow(s) that match this device. If this is not an issue, then the ACS URL can be modified via DHCPv6 Option-17 sub-option 1 or 5 at which time the GigaFamily device will then change to IPv6 for TR-069 communication with Consumer Connect Plus. For GPON-based GigaFamily devices, changing the ACS URL via the RG Management Profile can accomplish this, but there currently isn’t a method to change just the TR-069 IP version such as a configuration profile object in Consumer Connect Plus.


Note: In future releases of CC+ and GigaFamily software, methods to gracefully migrate an existing deployment will be made available.


Looking forward…


In GigaFamily R12.3, additional IPv6 enhancements are planned and there are two main use cases associated with these enhancements.  The first is to allow service providers who are selling service bundles to their end customer and that bundle does not include high-speed Internet. Prior to adding IPv6, those service providers would have to burn a precious/scarce/costly public IPv4 address just for management purposes.   With this enhancement, service providers can now host these service bundles and manage them with IPv6 addresses which are widely available.  The other use case is for those providers who want IPv6 management in general.


Additional enhancements for dual-stack solutions are also being planned where a GigaFamily device will employ a type of “Happy Eyeballs” algorithm where the basic goals are to quickly fallback to IPv4 when IPv6 connectivity is broken. This gives IPv6 a fair chance to succeed, resulting in a robust cloud connectivity solution.